SBC services cover any specific or ongoing need for public and private organizations in the maritime, port and intermodal logistics sector in the areas of strategy, economic, financial, corporate, administrative, organizational, operational and business development..

SBC directs its services the maritime, port and intermodal sector:

Maritime services

  • Strategic management models
  • Fleet optimization and operations
  • New business development
  • Business plans
  • Corporate operations
  • Tenders and offers
  • Assets financing
  • Port Services

  • Tender for new terminals
  • Planning of surfaces and equipment
  • Reordering port spaces
  • Corporate operations
  • Tenders and offers
  • Port services
  • Financing
  • Business plans
  • Intermodal Services

  • Intermodal project development
  • Operations of intermodal chains -SSS
  • Development of Motorways of the Sea
  • Projects for large shippers
  • Participation in European projects
  • Economic assessments
  • Global services

  • Development of strategic plans
  • Restructurings and cost optimization
  • Integration of ERPs to the sector needs
  • Modeling and management tools
  • Studies and process optimization